Junior PGA Championship

Junior PGA Championship


The South Florida Junior PGA Championship is one of South Florida’s Junior Majors. This 36 hole stroke play event is designed to highlight South Florida’s top male and female junior golfer. In order to participate in the South Florida Junior PGA Championship, all players must first qualify through one of three local qualifiers. Successful qualifiers will pay no additional fee to participate in the South Florida Junior PGA Championship. Players will receive a premium tee gift at the tournament as well as lunch following play after each round.

The overall boy and girl winner will advance on to the National Junior PGA Championship.In 2017these events took place July 18th-21st (Girls Championship) and July 31st-August 3rd (Boys Championship) at The Country Club of St. Albans in St. Albans, Missouri. The National Junior PGA Championship is one of the premier junior events in the United States. This event is administered by the same team who conduct the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup.

Click HERE for more info on the 2017 South Florida Junior PGA Championship

Boys & Girls 9-12 Age Division

The boys and girls 9-12 age division will only play 18 holes on Tuesday, June 13th. The winner of the 9-12 age division will be eligible to win awards but not eligible to move on to the National Junior PGA Championship. Any boy or girls under the age of 12 who would like to attempt to qualify for the national tournament must play in the 13-18 age division during the qualifier.


  • Boys 9-12/Girls 9-12: $55.00 (18 holes one day – June 14th) (*Can not advance to National Junior PGA Championship)

  • Boys 13-15 / Girls 13-15: $100.00 (36 holes)

  • Boys 16-18 / Girls 16-18: $100.00 (36 holes)


All players will need to qualify to attend the South Florida Junior PGA Championship. There will be three (3) qualifiers held throughout the section, and players will be required to participate in 1 of the 3 qualifiers. It is suggested that the players register for their nearest qualifying location.


The number of players who qualify per site will be determined by the number of players in each field.

A total of 84 players in the 13-18 Divisions will play in the Championship, along with 12 players from 9-12.

* Exemptions into this year’s section Junior PGA Championship will be granted to the following individuals based on exemption guidelines: 

Winners of the 2015 & 2016 SFPGA Junior PGA Championships in the Overall Division, as well as the 2016 Players of the Year for the Overall Divisions in the Challenge and Championship Tour and the winner of the Birdie Club fund raiser from 2015.

Exempt Players

1. 2014 & 2015 South Florida PGA Junior Championship Winners
~ Andrew Kozan & Jillian Bourdage (2015)
~ Valeria Pacheco (2014)

2. 2015 Challenge & Championship Tour Players of the Year (13-18)
~ Brett Roberts & Taylor Roberts
~ Jordan Reeves & Dana Williams

3. 2016 Birdie Club Champion
~ Alex Heard

**Only boys and girls competing in the 13-18 age divisions will be eligible to qualify for the national event.  Players under the age of 13 may “declare up” to be eligible to qualify and are required to play from the same tees as the 13-18 age divisions.  If any player under the age of 13 would like to attempt to qualify for the national event or compete in the 36 hole event must sign up for the 13-18 age division.

Past Champions

2017 (Top 2 boys and girls advanced to Junior PGA Championship)
Champion - Luke Clanton
Champion - Kerttu Hiltunen

Amadeo Figus 
Taylor Caradonna

Brett Roberts
Valeria Pacheco


Andrew Kozan
Jillian Bourdage


Anthony Gabriele
Valeria Sofia Pacheco

Christian Zimm
Radi Sauro

Anthony Gabriele
Valentina Haupt


Stefano Diaz
Valentina Herrera


Ryan Celano
Shelby Coyle


Chase Koepka
Jaye Marie Green


Ernesto Marin
Shelby Coyle


Ernesto Marin
Shelby Coyle


Conner Arendell
Kyle Roig


Danny Evelyn
Lexi Thompson