Learn to Play - Team Golf

Learn to Play - Team Golf

Team Golf


Team Golf serves as a fun, social, less stressful approach to tournament play and is a great way to get kids involved with the game of golf in a team environment. Teams are coached by local PGA / LPGA Professionals at facilities throughout south Florida.

In order to play Team Golf, participants must work with one of our Team Golf Teams. Go to "Find A Team" to find teams near you. If you need further assistance, contact Madison Temple at


Team Golf is open to juniors ages 6-14. Team Golf participants should be beginning and intermediate players who do not possess extensive tournament experience. 




Team Golf tournaments consist of six players from each team that form three (3) two-person teams.  The format will be a two-person Scramble, playing 9-holes.  Each two-person team will be awarded a designated number of points based upon their finish against all other teams.  Points earned are then added together to create the team’s overall point total.  Awards are distributed based on overall team point totals and will be given to individuals on the top finishing teams.


All Team Golf participants will compete from age and gender specific yardages.  Tees will be set at modified yardages and advertised to all players via the local rules sheet they are given before play begins.  There will be four sets of tees which range from 1200 yards to 2200 yards (depending on age and gender of the player).


Play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and Decisions; however Team Golf includes a few unique rules to make the game a little more enjoyable for beginners:
  • Caddies are allowed
  • Double bogey max on each hole
  • Water Hazard Rule: If a team hits a ball into a water hazard they have the option to, under penalty of one stroke, drop a ball as close as possible on opposite side of the water, even if it is closer to the hole, and continue play there.
  • Bunker Rule: If a team fails to hit out of a bunker on their first attempt, they may drop outside of the bunker one club length from their nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, with NO penalty stroke added.


Parents can serve as caddies to their junior golfer. Team Golf tournaments are not the time to be instructing the juniors. Simple guidance as to strategy on the hole and assisting with getting their clubs to help speed up pace of play is encouraged. We suggest parents do everything they can to speed up pace of play.

Golf Carts
Once onsite, there are assigned carts with each teams names on them. One of the parents of the two junior golfers will need to drive the golf cart with the two juniors. This is first come first serve and the two parents must come to an agreement as to who will be responsible for driving. Junior golfers will walk during the hole and can be shuttled between holes. Their golf bags should stay on the cart throughout the entire round.

Spectator Carts
At most Team Golf events, additional spectator carts may be available to rent for parents and spectators. 



Target Player

Please find below an updated 2018 roster of leagues, facilities and team coaches in south Florida. This list will continue to be updated as new teams have committed to participating in Team Golf. Parents can view local facilities in their area to get involved with Team Golf. To learn more please click on the desired league below. If you need assistance finding a team, contact Madison Temple at mtemple@pgahq.com.


Register Now

The South Florida PGA requires all juniors participating in Team Golf to become members of the SFPGA Foundation.  This is an annual $50 membership fee that includes a membership kit with a Team shirt, hat and belt.

Once you sign up for Membership, the SFPGA Staff must approve the membership. Once that is complete, you will receive an automated email with your username and password which will allow you to register for tournaments. 

Returning Members: 2017 South Florida PGA members will be able to use their 2017 login and password to sign in and register 2018 membership.

New Members:  When getting started with online registration, unless you participated in Team Golf previously and already have a member ID & password, please select “I am not a member” to create a new member account.  To help you through the application process, please enter the following in the appropriate required fields:

  • Division – Select TEAM GOLF 
  • Handicap – Enter “0” (zero)
  • PGA Professional Name – Enter your team coach.  If you do not have one, please enter “None”
  • Tournament Experience with Scores – Enter “None”
  • Shirt Size – Select the best shirt size.  Participants in Team Golf will receive a team colored golf shirt (Youth or Adult size)

*If you need assistance finding a local PGA/LPGA Professional nearby, please contact Madison Temple at mtemple@pgahq.com.

*Click on the event name to view the tournament information page

Broward County

Event #1 Grand Palms Golf Resort- 3:00 PM September 23
Event #2 Seven Bridges at Springtree - 1:00 PM October 6
Event #3 Plantation Preserve- 4:30 PM October 14
Event #4 Oriole Golf Club- 3:00 PM October 27
Event #5 Woodmont Country Club - 1:00 PM November 4

Lee / Collier County

Event #1 Vineyards Country Club- 9:00 AM September 23
Event #2 Miromar Lakes Golf Club-  2:00 PM October 6
Event #3 Moorings Country Club- 1:00 PM October 13
Event #4 Quail Creek Country Club- 2:00 PM October 20
Event #5 Stoneybrook Golf Club of Estero- 2:00 PM November 4

Palm Beach County - League 1 & 2

Event #1 Wellington National Golf Club- 2:00 PM September 22
Event #2 Banyan Cay Resort & Golf Club- !:00 PM September 30
Event #3 Indian Springs- 1:00 PM October 7
Event #4 Jupiter Dunes- 3:00 PM October 13
Event #5 Osprey Point- 4:00 PM October 21

Team Golf Fall Championship

Final Event Weston Hills Country Club -1:00 PM November 11