PGA Professionals – FAQs

PGA Professionals – FAQs


Team Golf provides PGA and LPGA Professionals and their facilities with an opportunity to create new junior golf programs, generate additional revenue and increase their clientele.  The program engages junior golfers and families throughout the year, through team practices, individual lessons, driving range time, additional rounds played, food and beverage and more.  In addition, PGA Professionals that coach a team will earn three (3) PGA Required MSR credits for each season your team participates (total of 6 credits in a calendar year).


Professionals are responsible for recruiting their team, scheduling and conducting team practices, communication to players and parents regarding league tournaments, selecting players for each tournament and submitting a roster to the SFPGA for each tournament they wish to participate in.  During each tournament, professionals are asked to serve as rules officials while on course monitoring their teams.

NOTE:  Team coaches are not required to transport players to or from tournaments.  Similar to other youth sports, parents are responsible for the transportation of their children to or from practices and tournaments.

What if I don’t have a junior program?

If a PGA or LPGA professional is in need of assistance in recruiting/fielding a team, the SFPGA staff can help assist.  We will be advertising in local communities and schools to recruit players that can be directed to a local professional’s team.  Professionals are encouraged to approach a local school about starting an after-school golf program that could feed into Team Golf during the summer months.  YMCAs and Boys & Girls Clubs are also potential organizations to approach in regards to starting a program with their kids.  If your course is in a community, advertising your Team Golf program around the community is a sure way to gain interest.

How much does it cost to participate in Team Golf?

The Section requires all juniors participating in Team Golf to become members of the SFPGA Foundation.  There is an annual $50 membership fee for each junior, which includes a deluxe tee package and team colored golf shirt.  Each Team Golf tournament that a player participates in requires a $25 entry fee.  In addition to the SFPGA tournament and membership fees, each professional is able to set the cost of their program to fit their needs and services provided (related to team practices and instruction).  While there is an option to build the SFPGA membership and tournament fees into your program and submit payment, it is suggested that the players register online and pay separately for their membership and each tournament they participate in.

How do I sign up?

Professionals can register a team by filling out the Coach’s Agreement Form, or by contacting Tyler Wolford at the SFPGA at 561-729-0544.

How do I register my team for membership?

Professionals who include the Team Golf membership and tournament fees within their program cost will be required to submit a membership form for each member of their team, as well as $50 payment for each member (hard copy of membership form will be supplied by SFPGA).  To alleviate some duties, players and parents will have the ability to register online through BlueGolf on the SFPGA website.  During registration they will be asked to list their PGA or LPGA Professional, which assists us in placing them on the correct team.

How do I register my team for a tournament?

Players and parents will be able to log into their BlueGolf account, register for the tournament online and pay the $25 tournament entry fee.  Registration for players will end at midnight, two (2) days prior to the tournament starting.  Coaches will submit a team roster prior to each tournament.  The deadline for team rosters will be two (2) prior to the tournament starting.  Professionals who build the tournament fees into their program will need to include a check with their team roster for each tournament (or pay with a credit card).

Where will the tournaments be held?

4-8 tournaments will be scheduled in each league during the summer months (June-August).  Tournaments will be held in the geographic area where your facility is located (no more than 15-20 miles away).  If there is demand, an extended schedule may also be conducted during the fall months (October-November; events held exclusively on Saturday or Sunday).

How many players do I need on my team?

You need at least six (6) players, but it is suggested that teams be larger than six players, in the instance that some players are not available to compete in each tournament.  Most coaches look to get 8-10 players per team.

Team Golf tournaments will consist of six players from each team that form three (3) two-person teams.  The format will be a two-person Scramble, playing 6 or 9-holes.  All participants will compete from their age/gender appropriate tee.  Most/all tournaments will be a shotgun start.

NOTE:  A team may have more than one team of two represented in an age division.  For example, teams can be comprised of six 11-year-olds.  Each team of two can be any combination of gender; boy/boy, girl/girl, or boy/girl.  Having players of both genders on a team or in a particular age group is not mandatory.

Can I coach more than one team?

Professionals can have more than one team, as long as there are set rosters for each team.  Players will not be able to switch teams once the season has begun, but you can add additional players to your team(s) throughout the season.

How many teams will be at each tournament?

There will be a minimum number of three (3) teams required to conduct a tournament, with a maximum set at ten (10) or less depending on the course.

What is the timeline for Team Golf?

SFPGA Foundation membership is an annual fee and will open for registration in early January (each year).  Registration will be ongoing throughout the year.  Players must be registered for membership prior to competing in their first Team Golf tournament.  The tournaments are held primarily during the summer months (June-August), but an extended schedule may also be held during the fall months (October and early November).  It is recommended that coaches begin team practices during the month of May.