Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures


Team Golf is open to any boy or girl ages 6-14.  Once an individual reaches their 15th birthday they are no longer eligible to participate.  In order to participate, players must be a member of both the SFPGA Foundation and a sanctioned team in the SFPGA Team Golf program.  If you would like to become a member of Team Golf please contact the SFPGA at 561-729-0544 for further information, or contact your local PGA or LPGA Professional.

NOTE:  Roster sizes, facility access, team practice schedules and practice fees will vary amongst teams and coaches.


Team Golf is primarily held during the summer months.  The schedule will begin in June and finish in August.  Leagues are separated by county and each league will conduct a minimum of four (4) and maximum of eight (8) tournaments between June and August.  Tournaments will be held in the geographic area that your team’s facility is located (no more than 15-20 miles away).

An extended schedule may also be conducted during the spring and fall months, based on each league (click HERE to see full schedule for more details).


The SFPGA Foundation membership is an annual $50 fee (which includes a deluxe tee gift).  Team members that are not registered for SFPGA Foundation membership will not be able to participate in Team Golf tournaments.

Entry fees for each Team Golf tournament will be $25.  Team coaches will be responsible for submitting their team roster for each tournament.  Players will be responsible for registering online for each tournament.  Tournament registration deadlines will be 4 days prior to the events:

During the summer, the tournament registration deadline will be on Monday for Thursday and Friday events. The tournament registration deadline will be on Tuesday for Saturday and Sunday events.


Team Golf tournaments will consist of six players from each team that form three (3) two-person teams.  The format will be a two-person Scramble, playing 6 or 9-holes.  All participants will compete from their age/gender appropriate tee (see yardage guideline below).  Most/all tournaments will be a shotgun start.

NOTE:  If a team does not have enough players on its roster to field a team in each age division, they may have multiple teams compete in one age division.  For example, teams can be comprised of six 11-year-olds.  Plus, each team of two can be any combination of gender; boy/boy, girl/girl, or boy/girl.  Having players of both genders on a team or in a particular age group is not mandatory.


Boys 6-8:  Blue Cones, 1200-1300 yards
Boys 9-10:  Green Cones, 1400-1500 yards
Boys 11-12:  Yellow Cones, 1700-1800 yards
Boys 13-14:  Orange Cones, 2100-2200 yards

Girls 6-8:  Blue Cones, 1200-1300 yards
Girls 9-10:  Blue Cones, 1200-1300 yards
Girls 11-12:  Green Cones, 1400-1500 yards
Girls 13-14:  Yellow Cones, 1700-1800 yards

NOTE:  Tees and yardages are subject to change depending on each host facility and layout of course.


A player’s age division with Team Golf is determined by their age on the day of each tournament.  For example, a player who turns 11-years-old on July 1 will play all tournaments before July 1 in the 9-10 age division, and will automatically be moved to the 11-12 division after that date.  If that player turns 11 on the day of a tournament he/she will be moved into the 11-12 age division (prior to the start of the tournament).


Each two-person team will be awarded a designated number of points based upon their finish against all other teams (see point chart below).  Points earned are then added together to create the team’s overall point total.  The team’s overall point total is based on a maximum of three (3) two-person teams.  Awards are distributed based on overall team point totals and will be given to individuals on the 1st & 2nd place finishing teams.

Place         Points                     Place           Points
1         100                     14           30
2         90                     15           25
3         85                     16           20
4         80                     17           18
5         75                     18           16
6         70                     19           14
7         65                     20           12
8         60                     21           10
9         55                     22           9
10         50                     23           8
11         45                     24           7
12         40                     25+           5
13         35                                  


Should there be a tie for first place (total team points), the team’s total strokes will be used to determine the winner.  If, after proceeding with this method, the winning team has yet to be determined, matching score cards using the lowest individual two-person team score will be used to break the tie (the second and the third lowest, if needed).


The final summer tournament in each league will be held to encourage all teams and players to participate.  Activities may include contests holes, awards for most spirited team, best cart design and a post-golf pizza party.  This day is meant to be a FUN way to finish off the summer schedule with all teams and players in the region.

For those teams that compete in the Masters level, a separate final summer tournament will be played on Saturday, August 20th and is designated as the Team Golf Championship.  Teams from different leagues will come together to compete and award an overall champion.  This tournament will be held at a facility in Broward County.


Play is governed by USGA Rules of Golf & its Decisions.  Below are additional rules for Team Golf tournaments:

  • Each two-person team is paired with another two-person team (from another facility).  Teams must exchange score cards within the group prior to starting.
  • Players may use any artificial device for the purpose of measuring distance ONLY.
  • Pull carts are permitted, but will only be allowed at the discretion of the host facility.
  • Only team coaches and SFPGA staff will be allowed to administer rulings.
  • Players may have one caddy to carry their bag and equipment and give advice.
  • A player may only receive advice from their team coach, partner, or caddy.
  • Preferred lies.  Players have the right to lift, clean and place their ball before each shot.  Through the green, players shall mark the ball and then place the ball within one club-length from the ball that was chosen (no closer to the hole).  On the putting green, players shall mark the ball and then replace it on the same spot.
    • A ball may be moved from the rough to the fairway if it is within the one club distance.  However, a ball may never be moved out of a sand bunker or on to the green.
  • Pace of Play:  Participants and spectators must keep up with the group in front of them at all times.  In a Scramble format, only one score must be recorded for the team.  Therefore, a player may pick up their ball at any time during play of the hole if their partner will record the best score for the team.  Other pace-of-play initiatives:
    • Practice swings:  max of two (2) practice strokes.
    • Stroke limits based on each hole (triple bogey).  Any team who has reached the maximum stroke limit on a hole and has not holed out must pick up their golf balls and proceed to the next tee.
      • Par 5 = Max 8 strokes
      • Par 4 = Max 7 strokes
      • Par 3 = Max 6 strokes
    • Water Hazard Rule:  If both team members hit a ball into a water hazard they have the option, under penalty of one stroke, drop a ball as close as possible on the opposite side of the water, even if it is closer to the hole, and continue play from there.
    • One Stroke Maximum out of Bunkers:  If a team fails to hit out of a bunker on their first attempt, they may drop outside of the bunker one club-length from their nearest point of relief outside of the bunker with NO penalty stroke added.
    • Continuous Putting:  The first team to putt on green will finish out.
  • Upon completion of the round, players must immediately proceed to the scoring area to return their score card.  Participants are responsible for the correct hole-by-hole score and two signatures on the score card.


Completion of 9-holes by all contestants will constitute an official Team Golf tournament.  However, the SFPGA reserves the right to reduce the amount of holes in the event of inclement weather or other incidents.

In addition, the SFPGA reserves the right to cancel a Team Golf tournament in the event of inclement weather or other incidents.  It is recommended that team members check the status of the tournament by calling the SFPGA, their team coach, or host facility prior to the tournament.  If a tournament is cancelled, team members registered to participate will be refunded the full entry fee back to their credit card, or have the option to transfer their entry fee to a future Team Golf tournament.  If the tournament is cancelled during play, the SFPGA reserves the right to retain the full entry fee.  Best efforts to reschedule a cancelled tournament will be made.  If a tournament is rescheduled, team members who were entered in the first tournament will automatically be entered into the rescheduled tournament.  If they are unable to participate on the rescheduled date they may transfer registration to a later tournament or receive a full refund.  If the rescheduled tournament has available space, team members who were not entered in the original tournament will be afforded an opportunity to register for the rescheduled tournament.


The SFPGA Foundation requires all caddies to conduct themselves appropriately at all times.

  • Proper dress attire is required of all caddies.  Each host facility may have additional rules and dress code requirements that must be adhered to by all caddies.  Should a golf course have a stricter dress code, its policy will take precedence.
  • The use of smoking or chewing tobacco products and alcohol by caddies is not permitted.

The SFPGA Foundation reserves the right to suspend and/or ban any caddie from one or more tournaments.  Failure to comply with the stated caddie guidelines may result in the immediate removal from the host facility and/or suspension of playing privileges for the SFPGA Foundation member.


Spectators are encouraged to attend Team Golf tournaments, cheer and be supportive of the team.  However, the SFPGA Foundation requires all spectators to conduct themselves appropriately at all times.

  • Spectators should stay one shot ahead of the group they are following.  This allows spectators to follow errant shots and help identify where golf balls come to rest.
  • Spectators are allowed to aid in the search for lost golf balls.
  • Spectators should not give rulings, please seek a team coach or SFPGA rules official.
  • Spectators should stay on cart paths.  In the absence of cart paths, spectators should stay in the rough.  Please stay off fairways, tees and greens.
  • Spectators should not be on the putting surface or teeing area, and should observe these areas from a minimum of 20 yards so that there will be no interference.
  • Spectators and players must turn off cell phones or turn ringers to the silent or vibrate mode.  Please respect the host facility’s policy if cell phones are not allowed.
  • Interaction for health issues should only take place prior to the hole being played or after.  Examples include but are not limited to: handing of medication, food, beverages or sunscreen.  Any player seen speaking to a spectator during the play of a hole, or for any reason other than for health concerns, is subject to a two (2) stroke penalty based on Rule 8-1.


The following cart policy has been established as a pace-of-play initiative and to help as a potential evacuation plan should weather become a factor.

The SFPGA staff will be working with each host facility to utilize a two-cart per group system (group = 4 players).  Team members must walk the hole during play, but they can keep their clubs on the golf cart at all times.  Parents will be asked to utilize the golf carts to shuttle players out to their starting hole, and also shuttle them between holes from green-to-tee.  The SFPGA staff will coordinate with each host facility on fees specific to the use of golf carts and the course, and will try to avoid any additional costs that parents may have to pay on-site for use of these specific golf carts.  Should parents be required to pay additional fees on-site to the host facility for use of golf carts, the SFPGA staff will notify each team coach in advance of the tournament.  Please keep in mind parents are NOT required to pay for a golf cart (they can still walk).  It is suggested that each team coach establish an advanced parent sign-up sheet for each tournament; ensuring that the team coach and SFPGA staff are aware of which parent(s) will be in attendance.

Additional spectator golf carts will be available for purchase at the discretion of the host facility.  If these additional spectator golf carts are permissible:

  • Spectator carts must remain on the cart path at all times.
  • Only two riders are allowed in a golf cart at one time.


The SFPGA Foundation takes great pride in the quality and conduct of its players, host facilities, and sponsors.  The SFPGA Foundation requires all members to adhere to a set of guidelines known as the Code of Conduct.  The purpose is to help all SFPGA Foundation participants grow and mature by understanding and accepting the consequences of their actions, both on and off the golf course.

  1. Violations of the Code of Conduct include, but are not limited to: abusive language, club throwing, cheating, disrespect of volunteers, officials, fellow competitors and host staff, abuse of the golf course, use of smoking or chewing tobacco products, drugs or alcohol, not adhering to the dress code, leaving the course during a competitive round without permission of a SFPGA official, or any other conduct deemed unbecoming of a SFPGA Foundation member.
  2. Proper attire is required at all times at SFPGA Foundation tournaments.  Failure to comply may result in disqualification.  Each host facility may have additional rules and dress code requirements that must be adhered to by all SFPGA Foundation members, caddies and spectators.  Proper attire includes collared shirts or mock turtlenecks (host golf course permitting), slacks, shorts, golf or tennis shoes, caps and visors.  Should a golf course have a stricter dress code, its policy will take precedence.  The dress code prohibits denim, short shorts, cut-offs, swimsuits, sandals, clothing containing offensive slogans, language or pictures, clothing describing or advertising alcohol, tobacco, or other drug references.  The SFPGA Foundation strongly suggests participants present themselves in a positive manner by wearing hats with the brim forward and tucking in all shirts.

The SFPGA Rules Committee may assess any or all of the following penalties based on the severity of the Code of Conduct violation:

  • Issue a verbal or written letter of warning to the player and his/her parent/guardian.
  • Enforce a two-stroke penalty.
  • Disqualify the player from the tournament where the violation occurs.
  • Suspend the player for a portion of the season or the remainder of the season.
  • Suspend the player’s membership indefinitely.


By entering and competing in a SFPGA Foundation sanctioned Team Golf tournament, team members assume all risk and danger incidental to the game of golf and hereby release the PGA of America, the South Florida Section PGA and their host sites, sponsors, participating players, and all agents thereof from any and all liabilities resulting from such cases.  You also grant permission to the South Florida PGA to utilize your image or likeness while participating in all South Florida PGA Team Golf tournaments.