Team Golf

Team Golf is a great way to get kids involved with the game of golf and introduces them to tournament play in a team environment.  The basic premise of Team Golf is to create a team atmosphere for young golfers, not much different than what you see in beginner soccer and baseball leagues.  Similar to other youth sports, teams have weekly practices where golf instruction is provided by local PGA and LPGA Professionals serving as team coaches at public and private golf facilities throughout South Florida.  Participants in Team Golf are part of an exciting approach to learning and having FUN on the golf course.

A complete list of teams can be found by clicking HERE.

Beginning in 2015, Team Golf is now comprised of two distinct levels for junior golfers ages 6-18:

  • Junior Series (Ages 6-14)
  • Masters Series (Ages 11-18)

The “Junior Series” is specific for beginning level players ages 6-14 who do not possess extensive golf experience, and offers an introduction through 9-hole team play (Scramble Format).  This level is designed to be a “stepping stone” into individual stroke play tournaments for those junior golfers who are learning the game.

The “Masters Series” is for junior golfers ages 11-18 and is designed specifically for intermediate to advanced level players through 9-hole team play (Scramble and Four-Ball Stroke Play Format).  Those players that have graduated out of Team Golf Junior Series, or those advanced players looking to further their competitive tournament experience, are eligible to participate in the Masters Series.  Within the Masters Series, players and teams will compete towards the season ending Team Golf Championship, while furthering their competitive experience within the fun and social environment of Team Golf.

NOTE:  If you do not currently work with a PGA or LPGA Professional, but would like to participate in Team Golf, please call the SFPGA office at 561-729-0544 and we can assist you in finding a team.

In order to participate in Team Golf, players must be a member of both the SFPGA Foundation and a sanctioned team in the SFPGA Team Golf program.  The SFPGA Foundation membership fee is an annual fee of $45.  The 2015 SFPGA Foundation membership includes a team colored golf shirt, hat, tote bag, rules book, golf towel, and belt.  Each Team Golf tournament that a player participates in will cost $25.  Prices for instruction/team practices will vary by location.

Team Golf tournaments will consist of six players from each team that form three (3) two-person teams.  Each two-person team will compete from their age/gender appropriate tee.  The format will be a 9-hole Scramble or Four-Ball Stroke Play, dependent upon the level of play.  Each two-person team will be awarded a designated number of points based upon their finish against all other teams.  Points earned are then added together to create the team’s overall point total.  Awards are distributed based on overall team point totals and will be given to individuals on the top finishing teams.

All Team Golf participants will compete from age and gender specific yardages.  Tees will be set at modified yardages and advertised to all players via the local rules sheet they are given before play begins.  For Team Golf Junior Series, there will be four (4) sets of tees which range from 1200 yards to 2100 yards (depending on age and gender of the player).

Play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and its Decisions.  Specific to Team Golf Junior Series, a number of player friendly rules are incorporated to ensure the mission is upheld.  A stroke limit, based on each holes Par score, is in effect for all Team Golf Junior Series tournaments.  Additionally, a one stroke maximum out of bunkers is applied.  Players are allowed to take their nearest point of relief outside of the bunker should he/she fail to extricate their ball from the bunker after one attempt.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions about Team Golf:

For additional information, please contact the South Florida PGA at 561-729-0544.