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Help Save International Links - Melresse!
July 10th 2018 - As you may know, the future of Melreese will be decided on Thursday, July 12, 2018 by the City of Miami Commission, during a public hearing meeting. It is imperative that we show a presence at the meeting, if we want to save Melreese. The David Beckman/Jorge Mas group will be presenting their plan to convert Melreese into a soccer stadium, office building, retail stores, hotels, etc., to the commission at 9:00am.

We need your help on Thursday, July 12, 2018! Please read the email in its entirety since it contains critical and important information to help us succeed! Please see details below:

City of Miami Public Hearing Meeting
Miami City Hall
3500 Pan American Dr.
Miami, FL 33133
(Coconut Grove)
We need as many people as possible no later than 7:00 am!
Reason being that we need to get in line so that we can get as many seats as possible inside the city hall.
We are being told that Beckman/Mas group are paying people to show up early and take up all the seats so that we cannot have seats inside (space is limited).

If you cannot be there at that time, please still come at whatever time you can.
Please bring as many people as you can with you, family, friends, etc.
Please bring your kids. Make sure they wear their Orange First Tee Shirts.
It is imperative that you get in line ASAP once you arrive.
Hopefully, we will have some of our people in line, wearing ORANGE, in the front of the line, as you arrive. Go to them directly when you get there!!!!!
No need to go to the back of the line.
We need people inside and out of the City Hall representing Melreese.
We have banners and posters…need people outside to hold up signs.
The media will be there…super important for them to see us.
NOTE: The Commission will vote to approve or not approve to have the stadium at the Melreese grounds at 2PM.
Wear your First Tee Shirt or any Orange shirt. If you don’t have a First Tee shirt and would like one, we will provide one at 7AM.
Go comfortable.
There is a large metered (Pay by Phone) Public Parking Lot to the right of the City Hall.
Speaking at the Public Hearing
The Commission will allow time for anyone who wishes to speak during the Public Hearing. Some of you have expressed an interest to do so and we thank you!! Points to keep in mind:
  1. Speak from the heart…make it short & precise. Tell the commissioners what impact the program has had on your child; why is it important; focus on the core values, etc.
  2. We are speaking as parents even though many of us have additional information/data regarding cost, attendance etc., we already have professional groups that will be addressing those details.
  3. We recommend that you script your speech.
  4. It is NOT certain how much time each person will have to speak.
  5. We do not know yet, what time they will allow for the public to speak. We may not know until we get there.
  6. In order to speak, we need to sign up once we are there. We will have that information on Thursday.
  7. It is important that we do not insult, talk down to, finger point etc. while speaking. We represent the children!! Again speak from the heart as parents.
Additional Important Details:
It is imperative that we maintain good demeanor AT ALL TIMES!!
Remember that we are representing the children!
Be respectful and courteous AT ALL TIMES!!
We must show that we value our First Tee 9 Core Values.
We are planning on having coolers with water and some snacks. Nevertheless, please bring your own too.
A lot of the First Tee children will be there which is wonderful!! However, please keep in mind that it will be a long day. Make sure the children are comfortable.
We thank you from the bottom of hearts for all of your help, dedication, and commitment in Saving Melreese! We are all one big family sharing the same values!