Links Overview

Links Overview


The South Florida PGA (SFPGA) Junior Links Tour is a new addition to the South Florida PGA Junior Golf lineup. The Junior Links Tour will be a series of 9-hole events. Membership of the South Florida PGA Foundation is a prerequisite for the tour which provides access to the tour based on eligibility requirements listed below. The South Florida PGA Junior Links Tour provides a competitive, yet fun tournament atmosphere, encompassing a 9 hole tournament played on some of South Florida’s best golf courses. The South Florida PGA Junior Links Tour is a great way for junior golfers to gain individual stroke play experience and learn the game from an individual standpoint. This tour has been created to show the players what they should expect on our Prep Tour, and prepare them for a future in tournament golf.

Girls 6-8
Girls 9-11

Girls 12-14

Boys 6-8
Boys 9-11
Boys 12-14


Play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and Decisions; however, The Links Tour includes a few unique rules to make the game a little more enjoyable for beginners:
  • Caddies are allowed, only one per player
  • Triple-bogey max on each hole
  • Opposite-side relief for penalty areas
  • Caddies and players will walk at all times during competition

The South Florida PGA Links Tour is open to junior golfers age 6-14 who have some previous experience in golf, including lessons from PGA professionals or PGA Junior League. Players will not be permitted to join the Links Tour prior to their 6th birthday, and will not be allowed to play in any Tour events on or after their 15th birthday.


Girls 6-8     (1,200 – 1,400 yards) 
Girls 9-11   (1,400 – 1,600 yards)
Girls 12-14   (1,900 – 2,100 yards)  

Boys 6-8     (1,400 – 1,600 yards)               
Boys 9-11   (1,900 – 2,100 yards)
Boys 12-14   (2,300 – 2,500 yards)


Parents may serve as a caddie to their junior golfer. Simple guidance as to strategy on the hole and assisting with getting their clubs to help speed up pace of play is encouraged. We expect this to be a positive interaction between the player and caddie.  Caddies may not stand on the putting green while the players are putting.